How to get free credit report gov How to get free credit report gov

Free credit report gov and how to get free credit report gov are two common search terms today. In a world where identity thieves are almost as common as pigeons, more people are learning the benefits of checking their credit reports every year. An annual check is also helpful for people who are considering purchasing a home or a very expensive vehicle. Credit affects these choices, and it can also determine whether a person gets a job, a rental property or a reasonable car insurance rate. Fortunately, the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows each person a free copy every year.

Solving The Search: How To Get Free Credit Report Gov

The only way to obtain a completely free credit report is to visit According to the FTC, this is the only government-approved site allowing access to one complete copy of a credit history report. Information from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian is available.

How To View The Data

The free credit report copy can be viewed online. It can also be sent by regular mail. There are simple instructions prompting site visitors how to safely navigate from one page to the next without using the back button. Each agency's summary must be viewed separately. Consumers have access to negative items, accounts in good standing and personal data.

Identifying Inaccuracies

When reviewing their previous employers and addresses, some individuals notice discrepancies. There could be typographical errors or completely erroneous information. If any information is incorrect, dispute it. There are dispute options available on each page. Some negative items may also need to be disputed. If the amount or the name of the creditor looks suspicious, submit a dispute. The creditor will have a certain amount of time to verify the debt. If they do not verify it within that time, the disputed item will be removed from the credit report. Each company provides instructions for logging in to view the status of a dispute.

How To Save The Information

Not all people have access to a printer. If this is the case, consider taking screen shots of each page using the computer's snipping tool. When doing this, store the .jpeg photos on a USB flash drive or SD card. It is best not to store the information on the computer.

Limitations Of A Free Annual Report

Unfortunately, consumers are not able to view their scores on this site for free. Nearly every site on the Internet charges a fee for providing credit scores, and the amount varies from one company to another. Some companies offer a free credit report with the purchase of a score summary. The fee is usually not very high, and some companies also offer additional services. Some may provide credit monitoring, which comes with the benefit of instant notifications of any credit changes. Consumers who use these services may be able to see who is requesting both soft pulls and complete credit history records about them. Some people also have continual access to their credit data with some of the more elite services. However, they do come with costs.

While these extensive services may not be necessary for all people, every individual should review his or her annual report. By searching the Internet for free credit report gov, it is possible to find hundreds of results. It is important to remember which site offers the only truly free report. This does not mean all other sites are untrustworthy. They offer helpful services, but each person must decide whether extra services are necessary or not.